Tina's Sock Knitting

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Well, it has been a while. What a year 2006 turned out to be. I got sick around Jan 06 and was told that it would be a one time surgery to fix it. Boy were they wrong. Finally 20+ surgeries later I am (hopefully) on my way to complete recovery.

It is bottle swap time again!! YAY! I love bottle swaps. I am posting this for the person who has me as a partner. I figure it would be nice to tell you a little bit about myself.

I live in North Carolina. I have 2 boys age 10 and age 5. I have 1 dog, and 2 cats. I love to knit socks. The method I use to knit socks is 2 socks on 1 60- inch circular. I love pastel colors, and blues. I LOVE INK PENS. Actually, I think I am obsessed with pens. :-)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I wanted to add this yarn for sale.

Trampoline Stretch Sock Yarn 2 balls= $8.95
Color: Color 235


Tina's Sock Knitting

I forgot to add: Contact me at tina.young@earthlink.net
Payment methods: Paypal, money order, and check. If you pay by check I will hold items until clearance from the bank.

Tina's Sock Knitting

I have a stash sale going on! All the prices I quote include enough yarn to make an adult pair of socks. The yarn is also wound in center pull skiens because of the method of sock knitting I use. If you want pictures email me I can try to send them to you. In most cases I put the color number. I will need you to contact me with your zip code and indicate whether you want 1st class (if available, anything over 13 oz has to be sent priority) or Priority.

Here is the list:
Knit Picks Palette 100% Peruvian Wool 2 balls = $2.50Colors: 1x Gray, 2x Pink, 2x white, 2x Tan

Fortissima Cotton 75% cotton, 25% nylon 2 Balls $7.00Color: Mint Green

Confetti Superwash. 2 Balls = $6.75Color # 223

Lion Brand Magic Stripes $3.00Color Purple Pattern 203

Regia 6-ply 2 Balls $7.95
Color: 5295

Brown Sheep Cotton Fine 2 balls= $6.00Color: Peach

Opal Lollipop $10.50Color: 1016

Undyed Sock Yarn (100% Merino Wool) 100g (440 yrds) $5.95
*If you would like me to dye this sock yarn for you I will for an extra $1.00. Just send me the color choices
and I will tell you if available and give you a time frame.

Twinkle Toes Sock Yarn 100% Wool $7.00Color: pink, sea green, purple

Hand dyed Sock Yarn 100% Wool. $3Color: Lavender

Knit Picks Parade 2 balls= $4.00Color: Blues

Regia Color 2 Balls= $7.50Color: 1903

Meilenweit Stripe Sock yarn $7.75Color: Lght pink, dark pink, blue, white

Addi Turbo 3.00 mm 20 inch circular needle $7
Addi Turbo 3.00 mm 19 inch circular needle $7
Addi Turbo 2.5mm 24 inch circular needle $7
Inox Express 2.5mm 40 inch circular needle $3.95

Book: The Harmony Guides Knitting Techniques (All you need to know about Hand Knitting) Volume 1 $8.00

Saturday, February 19, 2005

This is my first attempt at a short row heel. Hopefully I will get better as I practice more. This wasn't a particular pattern. I just started from the cuff down, with a garter stitch cuff. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Here is another view of my Opal Socks Posted by Hello

It has been a while since I have posted. My family has almost all its birthdays in Jan-Feb...starting with mine on Jan 30. I got 2 skeins of Opal yarn. (Plus I purphased 2 skeins myself earlier) Posted by HelloMay I present my very first Opal sock. I LOVE THIS YARN!!!!!! This is Opal Elements 1073. I can't wait to get started with the other 3 balls of Opal I have. :-)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Display sock. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Here is another attempt at a bigger picture of the waffle socks. Posted by Hello

Tina's Sock Knitting

Waffle Socks

I started on waffle socks this morning. I really like this pattern. I posted some pictures of my work in progress. I am not sure why the pictures came out so small but if you click on them you can see a closer-up picture.

I will post the finish sock.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Here is another picture after felting Posted by Hello

This is the felted slippers after felting. This is my first attempt ever felting. Posted by Hello

This is the before picture of my child's felted slippers Posted by Hello

Tina's Sock Knitting

Tina's Sock Knitting

I finished my first pair of socks! They were the Cascade Fixation socks. For my next project I wanted to try a felted slipper pattern. So I found a free children's felted slipper pattern on the web and gave it a try. It was very quick. You knit them holding together 2 strand of worsted weight yarn. It took a total of 45 minutes for 1 sock. I will post the before and after pictures later on. For now, if anyone has any suggestions on the felting process please leave me comments! Thanks.